March 04, 2016

White Papers


Understanding information challenges for brownfield assets and greenfield projects

Owner operators and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies in asset-intensive manufacturing industries routinely handle large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information on a daily basis. This information takes many forms and is often duplicated in various folders and databases throughout the organization.

This unstructured information comes and goes in many different forms and file formats, and is often stored, misclassified. This lack of coordination leads to duplication and further re-distribution, which in turn lead to degradation of information quality and integrity, and sometimes, its outright loss.
As a result, the right information is difficult to find when it is most needed. This continues to expose operations and engineering companies to unnecessary cost, risk, delay, and hazard.

This white paper will highlight the challenges in collating, organizing, and accessing unstructured information, particularly in brownfield plants, offshore facilities, and greenfield construction projects.

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators - Leveraging the engineering design basis across the plant life cycle

The purpose of this white paper is to review owner operator challenges throughout the life cycle of a
plant asset and the role Intergraph’s SPO can play in meeting these challenges. This paper discusses
some of the key work processes related to greenfield/brownfield project execution, completions, handover to operations, and plant operations and maintenance, and highlights Intergraph’s solutions and their associated benefits, as well as quantifiable return on investment. It also presents the Intergraph approach to SPO implementation and explains the technologies exploited.

New Approaches to Make Plant and Project Information Rapidly Available

Brownfield assets and even new greenfield construction projects suffer from handling large volumes of unstructured information. They often do not have 3D models, data warehouses, or integrated operation systems with high-quality structured information. Even if they do, unstructured information in the form of documents and drawings regularly arrives from suppliers, vendors, and engineering partners.

This white paper discusses how recent breakthroughs in information management (IM) and high-definition surveying (HDS) technologies offer hope for a change to this state of affairs, leading to higher productivity, safety, and operational excellence. This white paper will highlight the technologies that are available to help owner operators and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies to extract value from unstructured data and documents in a simple and cost-effective manner.