January 05, 2016

Wireless or Wired Rig Intercoms?

When considering the communication and safety needs of a land or offshore oil rig there are a lot of options on the market. One of the first choices to be made is whether to go for a wireless rig intercom or a wired rig intercom.

Eztek has over 10 years of experience in providing reliable wired rig communication solutions for oil and land rigs, for wireline operations and drilling operations.

The stated advantages of wireless rig intercoms include safety, portability and ease of set-up and use. So, if wireless offers so much, why do our clients come back to us time and again for our wired 2 Way and 4 Way TalkBack Rig Intercom systems?


Wireless rig intercom providers often state that their systems increase safety because there are no cables that can develop faults. The NEK 606 cables we use are armoured and made for use in hazardous areas with our ATEX-Zone 1 and Zone 2 TalkBack Rig Intercom systems.

Furthermore, the cabling means that the remote stations do not need separate local power sources. Unlike wireless rig intercoms there is no risk of the remote station failing, and safety being compromised, because batteries were not recharged.

The remote stations in our TalkBack Rig Intercom system are also more secure. There is no risk of crew walking off with the remote station.

While most wireless devices are hand held, both our 2 Way TalkBack and 4 Way TalkBack rig intercom systems are hands free, with the speaker also acting as a microphone, allowing rig workers to continue to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

All of our systems offer independent local and remote volume settings, to ensure best communication. The 4 Way TalkBack offers direct communication to specific locations as well as an emergency broadcast button for increased safety.

Finally, with a cabled system you do not have to worry about adding extra antenna to counteract the effect of metal on wireless signals, meaning that you can be sure your message with get through and keep your crew safe and informed.


As stated above, portability can sometimes be a liability if your remote station does not stay where you need it most.

Both our 2 Way and 4 Way TalkBack Rig Intercom systems can be supplied with armoured cables on cable reels for portable and temporary installation. It is easy to set up the system and take it down when needed.

Simple Set Up and Use

Good communication is essential in a hazardous noisy environment such as an oil or land rig. You want a system that can be set up and used right away.

Wireless rig intercoms occasionally require setup to be carried out by specialist technicians, adding to your cost. They often require additional antenna in order to boost the signal as the metal structure on oil rigs gets in the way.

At Eztek, we strive to make all of our products simple to set up and operate, and our rig intercoms are no exception. With over 10 years of use in the field, our TalkBack Rig Intercom systems have gained a reputation for high reliability, clear communications and simplicity of use. We are confident that our wired rig intercoms continue to be an ideal tool for safe and effective communications on oil rigs worldwide.