December 09, 2014

Quality Statement

SACO AEI Compounds Limited has adopted and introduced a business management system that is based upon the EN ISO 9001:2008 business management model.

The management system has been designed to reflect our commitment to adopting and maintaining best practice within our industry and promoting continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

The management system has been developed such that it supported and monitored by a number of carefully selected, measurable critical success factors that ensure the company’s goals and key business objectives are continuing to be met and maintained. 

Our management system forms a sound framework within which we have established the capability of readily and effectively identifying opportunities for improvement and growth through striving to identify value-added solutions and providing the means to ensure each of our valued customers remain fully satisfied with the service that they have requested, and that their needs and expectations have been fully and satisfactorily met.

Together, we are dedicated to assessing all aspects of our business with a view to identifying any opportunities that will enable us to improve and enhance our methods, operations, procedures and practices as and when they materialise, thus ensuring we have the capability of continuing to meet and surpass our commitment towards providing total customer satisfaction.

Please click here to view our EN ISO 9001 certificate.

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