July 28, 2014

Oil and gas software, data and reports

Upstream petroleum software delivering industry analysis through economic modelling, GIS and reporting insights

Our upstream oil and gas software products create an integrated suite of subscription-based tools enabling users to visualise oil and gas information from spatialfinancial andreporting perspectives.

Spatial: PetroView®

PetroView is a Geographic Information System (GIS), which provides in-depth answers for investors in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Financial: PetroScope®

PetroScope is a life-of-field, discounted, cash-flow model capable of analysing oil and gas assets across the globe.

Reporting: PetroReports®

  • Field Reports: The Field Reports are the most detailed of the PetroReports. Each report focuses on a single field within North West Europe.
  • Fiscal and Regulatory Guides: Each guide provides a comprehensive analysis of the main fiscal, regulatory and contractual terms applicable to upstream petroleum activities in a chosen country.
  • Upstream Petroleum Report (UPR): This set of reports is a comprehensive review of regional oil and gas activity and is regarded by the industry as a definitive source.
  • Weekly Service: For 30 years, this report has been the leading independent source of information for oil and gas activity in North West Europe.
  • Supporting new ventures: PetroInsight®

    PetroInsight delivers broad, data-rich, views of upstream oil and gas activity, designed to support new ventures and business development by providing context, activity and fiscal metrics on a country by country basis.