Export to PDF

April 29, 2015
ProjectsOGP does not only provide users with project information, it also gives you the opportunity to save the information as a pdf to your desktop for future reference, or directly email a pdf to…


April 10, 2014
HexaCore Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) AFL HexaCore Optical Ground Wire cable utilizes fiber-bearing stainless steel tubes stranded alongside aluminum clad steel and/or aluminum alloy wires to create a multi-layer cable design suitable for a…


November 18, 2014
HUBER+SUHNER do not currently have any features. To find out more about HUBER+SUHNER, please visit
HTL Group, specialists in controlled bolting equipment continue to focus on second to none customer service with the latest addition to their Customer Support Fleet; the HTL Expo Mobile Unit. Headquartered in Cramlington, Northumberland…

Saved Searches

April 29, 2015
The save search function is an ideal tool for ProjectsOGP users, who have a specific interest that they find themselves repeatedly searching for. It allows for quick and convenient access to specific searches without…
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