January 28, 2016

C-Kore Systems awarded contract for BP for Subsea Monitoring Tools

Thursday, Jan 28, 2016

C-Kore Systems Ltd, has been awarded a contract for BP to purchase their C-Kore Subsea Monitoring tools. 

BP trialed the tools on earlier umbilical installation projects and will now purchase a number of units for their prestigious Quad 204 project in the North Sea. Due to their unique design, the CKore units can monitor the insulation resistance and continuity of umbilicals during the complete installation process, even with both ends of the umbilical submerged to full deployment depth. 

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore Systems, “This is a fantastic endorsement of our technology that a major oil company such as BP understands the benefits of the C-Kore monitoring system. Our units provide valuable information previously unattainable, ultimately saving our customers money by reducing their required vessel time on installation and intervention projects.” 

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