April 30, 2015

Building electronic solutions

For over 20 years Eztek Limited has been a trusted supplier of hazardous area and harsh environment surface instrumentation to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Last year they increased production, design and sales staff. This year the company will move into its new office building, situated between the fabrication and production facilities, which was built to accommodate future expansion.

TallyBook data loggers, TalkBack intercom systems and EziLine wire line equipment are used by loyal clients around the world, some in very remote locations. All of its products are designed to be easy to use, while still offering all of the features that clients need. The hazardous area ratings allow the equipment to be close to the action. In the case of the TallyBook DAQ systems, the operator and their clients have immediate access to real-time information. Most of Eztek’s products are built with some degree of customization, allowing clients to get exactly what they require.

“Our aim is to increase the safety and efficiency of drilling and wire line operations,” explains Eztek’s Business Development Manager, Mervyn Newberry. “By listening closely to our clients and working with them we can develop products that solve their problems. For example, all of our products are easy to install and require little training to use because we recognized that this means huge cost and efficiency savings for our clients.”

Eztek also provides solutions for workshop data logging and video monitoring. The MultiLog touch-screen logger is used in workshops across Aberdeen, along with the Safeye Video Monitoring Systems for Test Bays and Test Pits.

“Our clients see huge improvements with the use of the MultiLog, especially when compared to paper chart recorders,” says Tom McMillan, Regional Sales Engineer at Eztek. One of Eztek’s recent projects is a TalkBack system that interfaces with the latest in driller cyber chair technology, built for a client in Europe.

“Our client has used TalkBack intercoms for years,” says Mr. Newberry. “They wanted us to redesign the TalkBack to work with their new cyber chairs because they trust the quality of our design and manufacturing, and they know that we will produce a product that meets the high standards they’ve come to expect from us.”