July 07, 2014

Scapa – A Made to Measure approach for the Cable protection Solutions of Tomorrow

Launched at WIRE in Dusseldorf in April, Scapa are continuing the promotion of their bespoke approach to product development for their cable manufacturing customers. There are three ways to buy cable wrapping tapes from Scapa:

> Core range – Choose one of their proven cable tapes from one of the most extensive ranges in the industry

> Made to Measure – If one of their standard products doesn’t match your application requirements, within their portfolio of cloths, coatings, powders and processes they can produce something that does...quickly

> Innovation Projects – If a more advanced solution or a new way of doing things is needed for the next generation of cable protection is required their engineers and R&D team can work in partnership to deliver the answer

“For over 100 years now Scapa has worked as a reference partner to most of the World’s largest and most respected cable companies,” says Jeff Tate, Global Market Manager for cable tapes and materials. “Throughout this period we have been committed to tailor-made research and development and have formulated quite a number of bespoke tapes for our customers. What we are looking at now is augmenting this traditional R&D approach with a faster track process called Made to Measure. For new cable designs customers know roughly what they want or just require a slight modification to a tape in our core range, a different thickness or an enhanced swell speed perhaps. Within our current portfolio of cloths, coatings, super absorbent powders and processes our technical team can quickly validate and deliver a tape to fit the bill. Made to Measure tapes will give our customers a fast track to their testing and qualification and an accelerated speed to market. The more traditional R&D approach will still be valid for true innovation projects – where a more complex or totally new solution is required”.

With two plants, Renfrew in Canada and Ashton, near Manchester in the UK, focusing production on cable wrapping tapes and jointing materials and their Valence operation in France also producing jointing components, Scapa are well positioned to take advantage of a world hungry for power and data connectivity. Each plant has its own R&D facilities backed by the Group’s central research operation in Valence. So even the structure is made to measure for Made to Measure!

Scapa’s full range of cable protection solutions includes dielectric, semi-conducting, bituminised, fire retardant and water blocking tapes and yarns as well as self amalgamating tapes, resins, putties and impregnated paper components.

For further information on cable protection solutions from Scapa please contact Jeff Tate – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.