April 10, 2014

ADSS Hardware

ADSS Wedge Dead End

afl dead end

AFL offers wedge dead ends that ease and speed ADSS cable installation. The ADSS wedge dead end is ideal in crowded distribution environments because its shorter length allows for safer and efficient installation. The wedge dead end comes with all parts assembled. The side plates are properly aligned with spacers and self-locking hex bolts, as well as retainers. Lubricated wedges are pre-installed inside the body of the dead end.

ADSS Suspension Unit

afl suspension unit

AFL’s ADSS suspension unit is used to provide long term performance for spans up to 1200 feet. The interlocking halves of the aluminum body clamp provide positive alignment and utilize our proven EDPM bushings to gently grip the cable.

ADSS Trunnion Assemblies

afl trunnion assemblies

AFL offers trunnions with various mounting capabilities: bolted, banded or standoff. Trunnions reduce installation costs by functioning as a pull-through during installation
(maximum line angle for stringing is 15° total, 7.5° per side, number of structures not to exceed 30). Block or pulley is not needed, provided these conditions are met.