April 10, 2014

Speciality Cables

Stainless Steel Sensing Cable

afl stainless cable

AFL's Stainless Steel Sensing Cable provides a unique combination of size, robustness and strength that enables it to be the product of choice for temperature sensing applications.  The product is suitable for installation in tunnels, roadways, airport runways, buried environments, gasifiers and any industrial application where there is a need for crush resistance, high temperature performance and quick thermal response.

Specialty Fiber Optic Plastic Buffer Tubes

afl buffer tubes

AFL provides fiber optic plastic buffer tubes in a variety of sizes with various fiber counts.  These tubes can be used in multiple applications as subcomponents in Umbilical Cables, Gas, Sewer & Water Line Fiber Optic Cables, Optical Ground Wire and Sensor Cables.

Anywhere there is a need for a fiber optic cable or component AFL can provide or engineer the appropriate solution.

Tactical Tight Buffered Cable

afl tight cable

AFL Tactical Tight Buffered Cables are ideal for use in installations where extreme environmental conditions are present.  Designed to be deployed and retrieved in the field, AFL's Tactical Tight Buffered Cables are highly resistant to damage caused by repeated impacts or harsh conditions.

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