October 02, 2015

Ecosse Subsea Case Studies

Westermost Rough Project – A Case Study

  • Route preparation and boulder clearing project on Westermost Rough Wind Farm.
  • 33 routes cleared in high currents on spring as well as neap tides.
  • 20m corridor required.
  • Generally 5 passes per string, Centre line, 2 x Wing lines (accuracy essential) and lay downs at either end (accuracy essential).
  • Campaign was 72 days to include – Ploughing, Surveying, Transiting & Port calls.
  • Mobilisation in 47 hours in Aberdeen.
  • Demobilisation in 24 hours.
  • Within the 20m wide corridors between the 35 towers there were 48,000 on seabed target boulders 0.35m and above.
  • The project was on schedule and on budget.