June 30, 2014

India - Deviated directional drilling

cis cs 31

CIS was tasked with a resolving a major problem for a client in India who was unable to set two conductors on a platform. The empty slots had previously had conductors driven across them, which meant a collision with a live well was inevitable with conventional driving. We have extensive experience in deviated conductor driving operations. We used this experience to carefully plan the project, manufacture the deviated drive shoe in the UK, ship it to India, supervise its welding to the joint and then oversee the offshore operation. 

We made recommendations to the client regarding the amount of build the shoe should have to avoid collision with a live well.

Once the welding was complete, the shoe was orientated into the correct position for driving and stabbed into the seabed to ensure the conductor was driven in the right direction. After conductor installation using an S-90 Hydro hammer, we used a lightweight cold cutting system to sever the conductor ready for wellhead installation.

Both wells were completed within a deviated drive of 2.5–3% and within 0.5% of the required direction. Both are now producing. The client commended us for our services.