June 30, 2014

UK: Northern North Sea - CIS products set the standard

cis cs 22

Forties Field

We have carried out 2 major projects on the Forties Alpha and Forties Delta, both projects used 26" x 1" WT Conductor and to enhance the depth of drive CIS supplied "Deep Penetration Drive Shoes" together with a number of our other including running/handlings tools, drive chasers/drive subs, and cold cutting services.

Slot Recovery Services

CIS recently worked with a major North Sea operator to recover two slots. We delivered a range of services, including drive shoes, cold cutting and handling equipment. The project was completed on schedule with zero NPT and CIS was complimented on the professionalism of the team we provided.

The operator in question has since contracted CIS to work on a number of additional projects in the North Sea.