May 16, 2014

Launch and Recovery Sheave


Advantages of Nylacast Sheaves

Using advanced polymers, in particular those based around cast nylon, allow for a number of significant advantages in sheave application. These included increased wire rope life, reduced component weight, protection against corrosion, and reduced maintenance costs whilst offering improved lifting. In addition, Nylacast sheaves can be specifically formulated with modifiers and internal lubricant packages (Nylacast Oilon and Nylube) appropriate to end use which further enhances performance.

The versatile strength of Nylon Sheaves sees them used more today than ever in ROV Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS). In the LARS application the sheave wheel is fitted to the ‘A’ frame or crane of greater diameter than the minimum bend radius of the ROV umbilical. The key factor is the strength of the Nylon material that allows for the weight of the ROV system as well as any increase in weight due to heavy sea states.