May 16, 2014

Pipe In Pipe Spacers (PIPS)

PIP spacer

Application Description:

Nylacast Pipe in Pipe Spacers (PIPS) are a solution for pipeline technology. With hundreds of thousands of these Nylacast components deployed worldwide actively adding value to thousands of kilometres of pipelines across the globe.

Advantages of using Nylacast Polymers:

Nylacast PIPS are created from a unique grade of polymer which provides high strength, but more importantly it is self-lubricating with a very low co-efficient of friction. This allows the outer pipe to easily slide over whilst eliminating any damage to the pipelines or PIPS or Centralizers themselves.

The underside of Nylacast PIPS are coated with a unique patented technology material which provides the same component with a very high coefficient of friction on the underside. This allows the component to tightly grip the inner pipe with high strength, ensuring it will not slide or move during transport and installation, ultimately keeping the pipeline centralised and protected for the duration of its service life.