March 27, 2014

Export Cable Route Survey

The site is situated in the central North Sea, approximately 30km southeast of Montrose on the southeast coast of Scotland. 

The main objectives of the survey were to:

  • Acquire data that conforms to IHO S44 Standard Order 1a Surveys (to 40m), with regards to error budgets.
  • Measure seabed topography and morphology and identify the nature of the seabed sediments.
  • Undertake shallow geophysical surveys using sub-bottom profiler to identify sub-seabed geology, to provide data for the design of a subsequent programme of geotechnical sampling, in particular to derive cable burial assessment
  • Identify the location, extent and nature of any impediments to the installation of the export cables such as wrecks, sea floor debris, rock outcrops and other cables/pipelines.